Have you got your Twitter sneakers on? A question of ettiquette…

Do you have your Twitter sneakers on? Feeling comfy? Relaxed as you would be if you were wearing your sneakers on a casual Saturday morning while sipping coffee and reading the newspaper? Think you are at one with Twitter and your profile? Happy with how much time you spend on Twitter? Have you thought about what content you post on Twitter? Have you considered your ethics of Twitter use?

Recently I was chatting with a colleague who asked similar questions. We established that Twitter participation is by choice – the how, when, where, and even signing up in the firt place. What content you participate in by means of sharing is by choice. However, ethically when participating in an online forum that remembers easily what your name has been associated to is a key driver in making sure this content is true, accurate and most of respectful of others. In observing how others display good practice we did indeed note a small minority that seem to engage in some tweets that perhaps should have been kept to oneself rather than having made them public.

It made me think about some good guidelines  for sending out content into the Twittersphere:

  • Be careful with assumptions
  • Put downs or defaming others is not professional nor really appropriate for others to read
  • Content should be accurate and researched
  • Conversations about others that question behavior are in itself are not desirable behavior and are best to be made in another forum that is not public nor online
  • Behave professionally  – think what you do at home in your Twitter sneakers would not necessarily be what you would do in your work Twitter high heels (or work shoes)
  • Twitter is a community about sharing content and developing continued networking possibilities, it is not about finger pointing nor being negative
  • Share and share others material but acknowledge them, even ask for permission
  • If you have a feeling that your tweet shouldn’t go live, best not to press the Tweet button, keep it private or delete
  • Think before you Tweet
  • You always have as choice to follow, tweet or retweet so use this with discretion
  • Observe what others do and pick up on good etiquette and best practice, another words display integrity
  • Consider separate accounts for personal and professional however etiquette still applies
  • Respect underpins the Twitter community – mutual respect goes a long way

Have you thought about what content you post on Twitter? How do you engage in mutual respect What guidelines do you impose on your Twitter use?


3 thoughts on “Have you got your Twitter sneakers on? A question of ettiquette…

  1. Sian says:

    One other thought I saw somewhere recently (and possibly retweeted) – When you choose to follow or share something, it’s putting _your_ reputation on the line. You’re giving a ‘stamp of approval’ to that content, one way or another, and saying “@siandart thinks this is interesting.”

    I don’t think you should necessarily be taken to task for something someone you follow posts, but there was a ‘scoop’ on radio late last year when the Twitter Activity stream went live, and it turned out some footballers were following accounts that just posted lurid photographs. Fortunately common sense held out and it was only a one day scandal, but it shows one potential consequence of putting our +1, like or follow in a public place.

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