Changing perceptions

Changing perceptions! It’s an interesting notion. And when one stands back and looks upon ones situation, almost like watching yourself, it is amazing how changing perception – the way we can view something or the lens in which we see – allows for aspects of reality, or a different reality, to appear.

I’ve just returned from an international conference in education. This was a great opportunity to network, listen and present some of my research as well. I was inspired, motivated, confronted and frustrated. I sat in this mix of emotions for many days post conference (the fog wasn’t very productive at all!) It’s wasn’t until a close colleague of mine mentioned changing my perception of how I viewed this experience – so I could shift. This change of viewing allowed for the shifting through and processing of the ideas, the new initiatives, and the reminders to reconnect with specific areas of learning and teaching that I had always been interested in (but had shifted to the side as I pursued other things (we all do it)). Most importantly this insight was just what I needed to be able to shift the frustrations and experiences that had confronted me and left me feeling slightly flustered and disjointed.

So to change perception, I’m changing the perspective that I see this experience.

Inspired and motivated = new ideas and affirmations of one to keeping working with and extend further.

Confronted and frustrated = a tension point that needs to be addressed, deleted, or modified.

Stay tuned for the insights and product that comes from these changes…

How do you stand back and reflect on your experiences?
How do you see this as a learning experience?


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