This just blew my mind – Run for the Arts

I was walking down the street with Mr. Rellypops recently in Portland, Oregon. The flagpoles in the USA always seem to have banners hanging off them. So after a few days the observation of content begins to lower and other things catch my attention. But it was this banner that I just couldn’t believe….

Run for The Arts banner in Portland, Oregan (N.Lemon, 2012)


How cool!

What is happening when we have to promote arts in education this way?

What a great idea?

Could we do this in Australia?

Who organizes this?

How did this start?

I have to find out more.

I wonder what could be possible back home…. arts and sport don’t always go together it seems…hmmmm thinking thinking thinking….

The Australian supermarkets often run competitions to raise money for educational needs….hmmmmm, this is just another way to provide resources and highlight needs for education. The support for these concepts seems high, I wonder what would happen if more specific goals were set if there would be such a high response? Run For The Arts has been a feature of schools throughout Oregon & SW Washington since 1977 and to raise the funds that make it possible to bring artists into their classrooms, pay for field trips to see performances and exhibitions and purchase art supplies. Run by a with a mission to enhance leaning experines for young people with an through the arts, the concept of combining Arts and Sport together for a cause connected to education has great appeal, especially considering that everyone is educated in the school system for a least some period of time.

Could this actually be possible outside of USA?

This was my thought process as I was wondering down the street, and much to no surprise of Mr. Rellypops I had to stop and take a photo. But seriously when those in arts education are searching for different ways to advocate the importance of arts for children, young people and teenagers could it be possible to generate attention in a different way?

Would a run for the arts be able to raise money for research, programs, opportunities, or resources?

Who would run for the arts? Or would ‘arts’ supporters rather walk for the arts or do something alternative that is to sports orientated?

Would runners run for the arts as another event to plan for, set goals for and contribute to a good cause? Or are there so many runs for good causes that we are all ran out?

So much to consider! What do you think?


2 thoughts on “This just blew my mind – Run for the Arts

  1. Dee says:

    I would run for the Arts. I can’t run all that fast, but I think the Arts needs all the support it can get.
    We’re lucky to have a few art-loving philanthropists and organisations about, but grants are, from what I hear, still difficult to obtain. There’s the amazing Betty Amsden OAM, for example, who donating a record $5M to Arts Education for children.
    So there IS interest out there. And it is entirely possible to raise money and interest in the arts. I guess it’s just finding the right avenues to go about it, that can tap into public interest.
    The MSO have been trying to gain new audiences for years – from playing sporting anthems and film scores, to Disney and videogame soundtracks; and the latest – in concert with The Wiggles. The way I see it, we’ve got to break down the elitism to gain wider public support. A friend of mine studying an Arts degree, and others would agree with him, shudders at the ‘dumbing down’ of Art. Art to him I think is a fundamental metaphysical activity (I think he’s been read Nietzche) and the most beautiful are the ones begotten in trial and suffering.
    But if we shroud art in pretentiousness, who gets to see it? Why not run with the popular psyche and strategically place art where it’s accessible? I’m not saying we shouldn’t have high art, just that high art should be open to the public’s cultural interests.
    Just imagine: proceeds of the AFL Grand Final going to fund the arts in schools.
    haha… I’m a dreamer.

    • Narelle Lemon says:

      I think you should continue to dream Dee…I am and will continue to 🙂 I think we have come to a time where we need to think of other ways to advocat for the Arts, this could be it! Let’s see…

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