Drop the “T” and let it be all about “CAN”

The Letter “T”….I think I can, I think I can drop the “T” (From: http://www.what2learn.com/home/little-learners/alphabet-printables/letter-t/)

A new advertisement has been featuring in the last few weeks on Australian television that has the marketing spin of Drop the “T” and let it be all about “CAN”…there is no such thing as “CAN’T”This philosophy is intriguing to me in how we can learn from this phrase and apply it to the way we operate in learning situations – classroom, workplace, or life.

Imagine is we were not capable of saying “I can’t”, “I won’t”, “I couldn’t” or “I didn’t” and we changed the way we approached the framing of these phrases and dropped the “T”.

I can

I will

I could

I do

When was the last time you consciously thought about what you say and how you say it when you approach learning something new? I think if you thought about many of your comments, you may find much phrasing may be situated in the negative (the what is not possible or just can’t shift to make it possible)  you may be surprised in yourself. Here are some examples I have heard and considered recently…

I will shift how I approach learning outcomes with my students so that there are multiple opportunities to understand the subjects goals”

is much more positive than

I don’t want to change how I approach learning outcomes with my students, they are written in the subject documentation, why should I have to also speak to them”.

I do think I can learn from my students”

is very different to

I don’t put myself in a position where my students can question what I do and don’t know”.

I can try to be more positive in how I approach my stress and set goals for planning to integrate exercise as a way to manage times I feel like I’m under the pump”


“I know I feel stressed but I can’t possibly find the time to do any exercise, my time is better placed to be doing the work”.

What are some situations you have been in where dropping the “T” would be more beneficial to how you approached a learning and/or opportunity?

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