Education Hashtags – Which ones inspire you?

Dr Narelle Lemon (@rellypops)
12/06/12 11:18 AM
Great hints RT “@teachfine: 10 Education Hashtags to Follow on Twitter… via @EdTech_K12

This Tweet and subsequent blog post by @teachfine inspired some thinking about what hashtags I follow for inspiration and connections in learning and teaching. I like these streams as they are an initial contact point to current discussions and are starting points for me to extend who I connect with as a part of my personal learning network (PLN).

Tip 1 #education – teaching tips, strategies, sharing from the classroom, teachers asking questions and sharing perspectives, lesson and unit plans, and most of all ideas, ideas AND more ideas to develop, revise and apply to your own teaching!

Tip 2 #edchat – this stream has more in-depth conversions and dialogue with links to blogs that attract many hits and comments to extend ideas and approaches to teaching, and hot topics in learning and policy.

Tip 3 #ideachat – observations, ideas, inspiration, motivation all happening in this stream. Not always education specific but if we are all learners then we can learn a lot from this stream.

Tip 4 #creativity – fascinating links to information and approaches to the term “creativity” and how it applies to how we perceived, engage with and enact learning and teaching. Some great inspiration on this stream to get you thinking…and often in different ways.

#Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~ Albert Einstein #quote

 ‏@terrysmall shared: “Life is a kaleidoscope. Turn your head a different angle and see it a whole new way.” ~ Anonymous RT @dlhampton #creativity

Tip 5 #participation – different ways to see how we can participate. Interesting real life connections to community, people, culture, and intersections of participation.

Tip 5b #community – this stream links in well with the previous for how people can interact and learn with each other. A hint though is that this stream often aligns with a television show of a similar name, so some interesting content shared at times.

Tip 6 #PLN – a personal learning stream that highlights Twitter and other digital technology for learning, professional development, personal learning, and networking.

 @deryckball tweets:  “It is not Twitter that does the professional development for us; it is the way we use it” –@pernillerripp #Edchat #PLN
So what streams do you follow to inspire and motivate your thinking? Do you have any other tips that would inspire those looking to network via Twitter? 

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