Drawing as a way to see

I love the idea of drawing; not just because I’m a lover of the arts but because by focusing on my drawing I improve my observation skills. I’m also an advocate of drawing as a way to communicate ideas, reflections and voice.

Drawing with perspective (N.Lemon, 2012)
The very art of drawing assists one in refining how they see. Observational drawing specifically encourages one to refine how one looks – proportion, perspective, shapes, design, relationships, and line are some of the areas that are required. The more you draw the more refines you become in how you see.
In thinking about why I draw, I considered the ideas of:
  • develop observation skills
  • refine details you see
  • focuses the mind
  • relaxes mind chatter
  • clarifies what it is I’m actually looking at
  • skills development in the arts as all art forms derive from drawing
  • experiment and explore materials for different effects
  • develop a great sense of perspective
  • develop ideas
  • reflect on experiences
  • communicate ideas
  • share voice
  • design possibilities
  • problem solve
  • show connections
Do you draw?
Why do you draw?
How do you find drawing assists you in your thinking and communication of ideas? 

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