#warshipbootcamp has begun

IMG_1454Over the past two days 26 idea generators have been working together at the Australian National Maritime Musuem to look at what curriculum material could be developed for a massive new program – the Warships Pavilion.

As a collective we come from a variety of different backgrounds (curators, museum educators, curriculum policy makers, teacher educators, technology experts, social historians), locations (Australia wide and USA) and united by the fact that we are all learners.


We’ve created a Twitter hashtag #warshipbootcamp to capture our thoughts, notes, and ideas. This has been a key way for us to generate interest from others while also offering a platform to ask questions to those who are not in the physical room with us.

What drives this team is a wonderful approach to listening, brainstorming, planning, and thinking in innovative ways about what could be possible.

With Dr Lynda Kelly as our captain, we continue to create and plan possibilities for the education team at Australian National Maritime Musuem to deliver innovative K-12 curriculum nationally. More to come on this exciting project…


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