Social media, young people and museum: #Meetday2015

Today at the #Meetday2015 WHERE EDUCATION, EVALUATION AND TECHNOLOGY MEET as part of Museum Australia’s 2015 Conference I presented my thinking on social media, young people and museum. Click here for my slides. 

My outline was: Museums are unique sites of learning, as are social media platforms. Both spaces promote co-creation of meaning making. For young people, both spaces encourage their personal habits of using mobile technology, photography and social sharing. Therefore, I have an idea, what if we looked at how we can engage young people as a museum education audience with social media as a way to extend their cultural understandings and connection to meaning making before, during and after a site visit? I would like to propose that the use of social media within museum education could maximize young people’s personal use of social media and digital technology to showcase visual, narrative and social ways of learning within a museum.

I’m really interested in hearing what you think:

What is possible?

What are the barriers? 

What are your ideas? 


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