Developing a new platform for evaluating visitor engagement with art: #MuseumEdOz Tweet Chat #10

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The Artcasting project team ( at the University of Edinburgh has been working closely for the past 10 months or so with colleagues at the National Galleries of Scotland and Tate, and the ARTIST ROOMS Associate Galleries ( ), on developing a new platform for evaluating visitor engagement with art, and exploring the ideas and issues that have come along with thinking ‘inventively’ about evaluation. There have been many fascinating conversations as a result of this work, including a set of interviews with people working with or connected to ARTIST ROOMS, whose perspectives on evaluation have informed our thinking very considerably:

‘I think when it’s something that feels more creative and kind of participatory it doesn’t feel like evaluation’ (interviewee, artcasting project)

On 1 March, the team will be co-hosting the monthly #museumedoz Twitter chat, to talk with colleagues across the world about their own experiences with evaluation – digital, inventive, dialogic, or otherwise. Some key questions have emerged for us from our work so far, and this chat will be an opportunity to discuss these and other matters:

  • what values should underlie approaches to digital evaluation in the cultural heritage sector?
  • what online evaluation approaches have you created/used/seen? do you consider them inventive? why/why not?
  • what are people finding difficult or challenging when evaluating (digital) learning?
  • what do you consider to be the ‘holy grail’  of evaluation?
  • should and could museum evaluation be more dialogic?

We look forward to the chat on Tuesday 1st March 2016 at 7:30pm AEDT and 9:30am Edinburgh time!


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