#exploreandcreatestories – a new project

It’s been a while since I blogged here at Chat with Rellypops. That is because I’ve  been working on a new project over on my new website called Explore & Create Co.  As a part of this project, which is all about exploring and creating opportunities for creativity, mindfulness and productivity in this crazy busy world of ours, I have created a new interview series that shares lived experiences about finding your creative and mindful mo-jo. We all learn from different perspectives and I’m hoping this blog/Instragram series supports ideas and possibilities to flourish in your personal and professional life.

So far seven stories have been released, all with a different spin but all with a passion to explore and create possibilities.

Have a read from a design and advertising.

Explore and Create Series #4: Annette Wagner

Or from a writer and researcher perspective.

Explore & Create Stories #6: Helen Kara

What about from a hairdresser and musician.

Explore & Create Stories #1: Nicole Monteduro

Then we have a librarian who loves to visually capture her thoughts.

Explore and Create Stories #3: Kim Tairi

I love this story about education, design and finding your creative mo-jo.

Explore and Create Stories #2: Anitra Nottingham

This story needs a box of tissues as you connect with finding your passion after the loss of a loved one.

Explore and Create Series #5: Kylie Budge

And the latest story focuses on how it is possible to find creative time in your life

Explore & Create Stories #7: Nicole Bilinski

I hope you enjoy the read…and if you would like to be interviewed, let me know and we can connect.



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