The Chat with Rellypops blog, founded by Dr Narelle Lemon, is a discussion forum about the thinking and wonderings of learning associated to creativity, arts, museums, writing, social media, life, wellness, education, and the balancing act we all find ourselves negotiating. It is about the popping in and out of these inquiries – the shifts, maneuvering, challenges and celebrations of how we understand, share and generate knowledge, and create meaning making.

Rellypops is an affectionate nickname given to me. Or you can think of it as a  metaphor if you like, for your friend, a valued and respected peer or colleague, who you can openly share  ideas, problem solve and discuss thinking about anything and everything associated to leading and teaching. There is  no discipline focus as multiple perspectives based on your experiences, stories, and backgrounds are valued.  We can all learn from each other. Like with any good chat with your trusted friend, The Chat with Rellypops Blog bounces off others ideas and creates possibilities for others through conversations.

So as with any sharing, discussions ideas and generating  possibilities hearing from multiple perspectives is valued and encouraged and honours:

  • mutual respect of others ideas, contributions and thoughts; this includes reading, responding to and referencing.
  • non judgmental contributions – its okay to disagree but do it in a nice way and share why you think this and where your stance is coming from as a reason always helps in sharing perspective.
  • openness to share  your ideas and thinking in order to generate a discussion
  • listening to what is being shared or posed and contributing to this will stimulate some wondering and thinking, and ignite questions, ideas, and inquiry.
  • concise writing that shows who you are –  so please write in your voice. We want to learn from each other and a great way to do this is by sharing.
  • creating a community of practice .

Chat with Rellypops is a blog that pops in and out of your world, and is always available for a chat, sharing of ideas and contributions of perspectives about learning and teaching – what this looks like, sounds likes, feels likes, challenges you, and drives you to keep on learning about learning. We want to stimulate conversations so our posts will always be opinionated, hopefully without being obnoxious or judgemental, and share mutliple opinions, perspectives and stand points about  the big wide world of learning, teaching, and learning and teaching.

Come and chat with Rellypops, we’re always popping in, out and around to wonder, think, inquire, question, and observe all things learning and teaching.

Interested in writing for Rellypops? Then contact the editor with your ideas.

Want more contact with Rellypops? Then feel free to follow on Twitter @rellypops

If you want to talk to us about anything – such as to suggest a post or ask a question – visit our feedback page.

Are you a learner, teacher, educator, or academic  with a blog? Please let us know and we will add you to our sidebar.

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