Social media in learning and teaching in higher education – what is important?

I’m working with some colleagues on developing a manifesto for social media in learning and teaching in higher education.
This is a passion project for me. One that I have invested in for a number of years now. With all my teaching in since 2012, I have integrated some form of social media into my teaching in the higher education context to support students with their digital skills and connection to the content being studied at the time. I’m a believer in the power of social media for learning. But in saying this, I am a believer in when certain aspects of pedagogical thinking are enacted.
I’m a firm believer that as a teacher that if I am to use social media with my students, then I must use the platform myself. In this action, I can make the decision as to why I want to use the platform in learning, and for what purpose. I can also trouble shoot with my students upon integration.
If I invite my students to use social media with me for leaning purposes, then I need to be in the space with them. This enables modelling best practice such as professional voice, etiquette of mutual respect towards different opinions, the ‘how to’, formation of identity, and learning together. This is also where the students join you professionally and begin to become your peers in the discipline or field you work in. Beyond the class, there is a continual opportunity to connect.
I believe in many other must do aspects of using social media for learning, however before I share these, I’m interested in your opinion and experiences.
What would you add to your approach for integrating social media into your learning in higher education, or indeed other contexts?

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